100% Mental


If you think  

  • you are too busy to eat healthy and exercise, you are.
  • you are too tired to exercise, you are.
  • exercise it boring, it is.
  • you are not a runner, your not.
  • strength training is not important, it’s not.

Change your thoughts and your actions will follow! 


The Time is Now

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

To me New Year’s Day, is just another day.  When it comes to staying fit, it is always about the moment.  You can not beat yourself up about what you did not do yesterday, last week, last year or the last 5 years for that matter.  Similarly, longing for what you want in the future can set you up for failure.  Each and every moment of the day, we make choices which directly impact our health and our abilities to be fit.  As soon as the moment passes, you don’t get it back.  All you can do is make better choices in the moment.  Eat clean, move more, when your body wants rest, rest. Be mindful of your choices in the moment.